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Great things ahead

Under the new brand name GiGA-Line
Interbau-Blink Now also offers
modern, large-scale tiles.

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Novelty: Opus series

As wholesome oeuvre with subtle finesse the opus series captivates the viewer with a fine selection of decors and fitting mosaic.

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Chianti series

Upscale-looking marble-optic, guaranteeing a feeling of ease and security. A genuine piece of life quality.

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Lithos Series

Create your new perfect place
to Relax: Terrace-elements by Interbau-Blink For your ideal home.

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Vulkano Series

Unpredictably beautiful like
nature itself - The glamourous

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The Mille-Lire-Bill

A higher level of creativity can be expressed when designing your private or commercial rooms with the help of digital printing on tiles. Interbau-Blink was already able to please a numerous clients with this qualitative valuable realization of self-created architectural tiles- just like the long-standing pizzeria Mille Lire in Frankfurt, Germany.

To give the facilities a personal touch and to create a unique eyecatcher, the thousand lira note was placed on the front of the restaurant's counter in the form of large-size mosaics. With an overall image size of 2.8 x 1.4 m the best of technology and industrial productions unifies to a true piece of art.


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Advancement to a higher league

The GIGA-Line Steps



GIGA-Line is the renowned XXL stair element by Interbau-Blink, created during the process of extrusion, offering large-scale elegance.

The GIGA-Line set consists of a step and riser. With an individually adjusted step length of up to 135 cm it is highly recommended for a seamless stair design.

Just like furniture or fireplaces, stairs become a part of an attractive interior design. The smaller width of joints allows any room to appear larger and more open, the solution for monolithic appearing floor and step combinations.

The GIGA-Line is part of the LITHOS, CANYON and CHIANTI series by Interbau-Blink and can be used for the inside and outside areas simultaneously.

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