Under the new brand name GIGA-Line the company group Interbau-Blink distributes cutting-edge, large-scale tiles with a size of up to 320 x 160 cm. A newly constructed tile production plant, which was taken into operation in late summer 2017, enables the company group to enter new markets as well as to expand its product portfolio reasonably. The many fields of application for the 6 to 20 mm strong tiles include window sills, kitchen counters, steps and fireplace backplanes next to the typical usage as floor or wall tiles.

From the raw material preparation to the utilized kiln- the newly constructed plant is not only because of the machinery in use one of the most modern tile production plants in Northern Europe: Industry 4.0. The usage of autonomous machines, which move in the hangars without human naviagition and can make decisions self-sufficient, is only one form of the tight integration between industrial production and progressive information and communication technique. The 1.6 meters wide digital printer is one of the most modern one of its kind and functions similar to an inkjet printer, allowing the company group in close cooperation to Italian design studios the realization of numerous design directions like marble, metall or natural stones.

A large-scale slab travels a distance of up to half a kilometre on its production way. Starting with the 440 tonnes heavy hydraulic press, which presses the raw material to a thin plate with the hundredfold of its own weight, the slab then gets deprived off of its wetness in the 41 metres long dryer. Afterwards the tiles receive their final design in the digital printer before they are fired in the 1200 degrees hot kiln. After the rectification in the dry calibration machine and the final quality check the slabs will be all-automatic packed and get ready for dispatch. With this visionary production line Interbau-Blink is sure to maintain its level of sustainability.

The board of trustees of the Uta Korzilius-Kern Stiftung, the hundred percent owner of the company group, chaired by Prof. Dr. Steudter, always supported the decision of the investment into the new production plant. The reinvestment of obtained profits in great parts set the preconditions for this expansion and modernisation as well as for the sustainable development of the foundation assets in the form of the enterprise. A reconciliation of interests between the development of the company group and the endowment of the social foundation goal has always been practised.

With Cleveland, Detroit and Columbia, the first series of the new brand GIGA-Line® by the company group Interbau-Blink have been introduced to the market. In the rectified formats 120 x 60 cm, 120 x 120 cm, 60 x 120 cm as well as 80 x 80 cm the first generation of the new brand  convinces because of its unique designs, the modularity of its components and the proximity to the market.

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