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As mid-sized family company, sustainability contains the guidelines of our business operations. Interbau-Blink follows employment standards on the level of a modern, socially responsible company. Vocational training as well as deployment perspectives for our employees are given in a flexible and family-friendly working environment.


Belonging to a foundation, the executive management and the employee representatives are partners in an active coalition.

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More than 100 years ago the companies today known as Alois Korzilius Interbau – Fabrikation für moderne Baukeramik GmbH & Co KG and Bernhard Link GmbH & Co. KG were founded.

Nowadays the group of companies belongs to the foundation of Uta Korzilius-Kern, which emerged on the 9th of August 1989.




While in the early years all sorts of ceramic items like drinking vessels, feeding troughs or stoneware tubes were sold, the companies portfolio changed vigorously. In the middle of the 1960’s a great emphasis was put on the production of wall and floor tiles. The two companies, which were still separate during that time, quickly developed themselves into well-known ceramic specialists in the field of ceramic extrusion technology with different product ranges in various market segments. In the year 1999 the company of Alois Korzilius Interbau-Fabrikation für moderne Baukeramik GmbH & Co KG took over 100% of the shares from the family-owned  Bernhard Link GmbH & Co KG, enabling the group to reasonably complete and expand their assortment.


The local “Kannenbäckerland” region is one the most known ceramic centres in Germany and Europe, with highly qualified workers that increase the quality standards the clay  products result in, great amount of raw material right in front of the factory’s gate, an ideal infrastructure and close connections to the local research and development facilities. Until today this allows for ideal premises in terms of location for a solid growth of the company group and a steady employment situation. 

1956 Split tiles and bath room tiles mady by Blink



The foundation was established on the 9th of August 1989. It is a legally responsible, public foundation constituted under civil law, serving the common weal and is obligated to meet the general public interest bylaw.

Today the Interbau-Blink Group belongs to the Uta Korzilius-Kern Foundation, that took over the partnership shares of the companies after the passing of Mrs. Uta Korzilius-Kern in 1989.

At the moment the association of cancer research "Verein zur Förderung der Krebsforschung in Gießen e.V.", Germany, chaired by Prof. Dr. med. Hans Pralle, Medical Clinic IV, Klinkstraße 36 in 35392 Gießen, is receiving funds at regular intervals. 

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