1. The subsurface for the installation must be levelled, sustainable and free of dust. Consider sufficient slope. An advance treatment must take place according to the indications from producer of the glue.

  2. The bonding of the accession area should be done in a floating-buttering technique (this means the glue should be applied to the subsurface and the rear face of the tile).

  3. The construction of the subsurface as well as the installation and insertion (installation of expansion joints) should follow the established regulations of engineering. See the leaflets for tile laying.

  4. Mix the tiles from several boxes in order to have an appealing colour variation. Install all tiles in one direction according to the grooves on the rear face of the tile.

  5. Choose a joint width (for split tiles from 8 to 10 mm, for flat extruded tiles from 5 to 6 mm).

  6. Please install step treads and angle tiles according to the drawing on the left with a hollow space on the front side (as spacer you can apply foam or cardboard).

  7. Please examine the tiles regarding sorting, colour and measurements before the installation. Complaints afterwards can not be accepted.

  8. Each single extruded tile is a unique item produced from natural local raw material. Due to the nature of ceramics minimal iron lumps may occur, which in single cases appear as small black spots. They do not influence the visual effect or quality.