20 APR 2018

Passing on knowledge about our clay


Substantial clay deposits laid the foundation for the economical success of the ceramic region Kannenbäckerland. Originally, the raw material clay was solely a regional product, which was used for the manufacturing of classic commodities like clay bricks and functional ceramic. Today, clay from the Westerwald area is considered to belong to the highest-quality clay deposits and are in demand across the world. The progressively increasing standards of national and international customers promote need for research, leading to the subsidiary of numerous academic eduction facilities in the region around Interbau-Blink.

The Federal Association of Ceramic Raw and Industrial Materials (BKRI) created a project called "Westerwälder Tonkisten", where primary schools receive boxes revolving around the topic clay. This project depicted a great opportunity to showcase the versatility and benefit of the regional resource to a young generation. In the first step, four regional schools have been equipped with a suitcase filled with selected exhibits from the clay prcessing industry, clay samples, utensils for experiments as well as an folder filled with additional information.

With this project, the BKRI is trying to establish awareness for the industry and its vast field of educational and job opportunities- from laboratory work to commercial activities. Therefore, the company group Interbau-Blink was happy to be a part of this project and be able to participate in strengthening the excitement for clay. (Picture: Muncipality Ransbach-Baumbach)(Foto: VG Ransbach-Baumbach)

18 APR 2018

Architectural trade fair "4 walls" in Sarajevo


Last week the annual architectural trade fair took place for the second time in the Olympic Hall Zetra in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. From the 12th til the 15th of April visitors could attend more than 50 companies' stands and inform themselves about the newest trends regarding living, interior design and architecture. After more than 18.000 visitors took this chance on three days in the last year, the event organiser could count around 40.000 motivated visitors on more than 10.000m² this year.

One of the companies using the chance to present its product portfolio and services to a broad audience was MemićDekor from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The long-standig partner of the company group Interbau-Blink was exhibiting on the international fair in Sarajevo for the first time. Besides its manufactured mosaic and decór tiles, one could also take a look at the large-scale ceramic tiles of the new GIGA-Line® brand by Interbau-Blink.

Although the fair can still be considered quite young, it is already reknowed to be a platform for interior design enthusiasts and offers a place for networking. Not least because of the great interest, which was shown to the innovative products presented, there will most likely be a repeated trade fair presence at the international exhibition "4 Walls" in the future.

03 APR 2018

Double appearance in Moscow - Trade fairs 2018


This year, two of the worlds largest fairs in the field of building technologies and interior solutions take place at the same time in the Russian capital city: The Batimat Russia and the MosBuild Moscow fair.

As in the previous years, Interbau-Blink can be found on the official German shared stand at the 24th MosBuild fair in Moscow. From Tuesday, the 3rd of April until Friday, the 6th of April, the international exhibition for building and finishing materials in Russia takes place. More than 60.000 expected visiting professionals will be offered a broad spectrum of materials for construction and decorating. More than 1.200 Russian and international companies from more than 40 countries showcase their products in 10 individual exhibitons at the Expocentre in the Russian capital city. On more than 40m² the company group Interbau-Blink can be found this year in hall 7.6.

Moreover, Interbau-Blink is represented at the largest exhibition in Russia with more than 90.000 expected visitors. It is well-known that companies use the Batimat Russia fair to present their latest novelties to a wide audience. The focus lies on interior solutions rather than construction material. Interbau-Blink presents itself and its product for the first time in 2018 on the largest exhibition area of Russia, the Crocus Expo, with more than 87.000m². Next to the current swimming pool programme with mouldings for wellness areas as well as corner steps and Florentine steps, the company group also chose to present the newest developments regarding ceramic bricks, which continue to gain popularity in  interior design.

Both trade fair presences support the group in further expanding its export market, acquire new customers as well as to foster existing contacts in one of Interbau-Blink's strongest expanding non-domestic markets. 

16 NOV 2017

Product of the year 2017


After the successful entry in the public election of the  "Product of the year" in 2012, hosted by the German trade journal "Fliesen und Platten", Interbau-Blink earns the second silber medal.

The visual highlight excelled in the competition against reknowned candidates in Cologne. The product of the first generation of the new brand GIGA-Line reached a promising second place, outpaced by the series "Savona" by Agrob Buchtal, on the podium with "Double Impact" by Engers. 

19 OKT 2017

First generation of GIGA-Line® tiles


With the new series Cleveland, Detroit and Columbia the first series belonging to the new portfolio of the brand GIGA-Line® of the company group Interbau-Blink have been introduced. The rectified formats 120x260 cm, 120x120 cm, 60x120 cm as well as 80x80 cm will all be produced on one of the most modern tile production plants of Northern Europe with a hydraulic press as strong as 440 tons.

The advantages of the first generation of the brand GIGA-Line® consist of the possibility of narrow joints, the variability of the tile thickness from 6 – 20 mm, the modularity of the components and the proximity to the market.

Soon more information concerning the new series will be available. Make sure to visit our homepage www.interbau-blink.de regularly to keep informed about the newest developments!

29 AUG 2017



Following the official inauguration ceremony, on the 26th of August the family celebration for the employees and their families, friends and acquaintances was celebrated. More than 300 people accepted the invitation on that sunny day into the city hall of Ransbach-Baumbach. Musically, the celebration was enlivened by the Musikverin Ransbach-Baumbach 1900 e.V. and there was plenty of entertainment for the smaller visitors in the form of a bouncy castle and face painting.

Chief executive Michael Dickopf used the come-together of his employees to thank them for their good work and their trusting cooperation as well as to celebrate the completion of the new production plant conjointly. The visualization of the gigantic dimensions of the plant and their products was enabled through the provided shuttle service, which transfered the visitors to the Blink factory, where they could take a close look at the plant during guided tours.

28 AUG 2017



On the 25th of August the corporate group Interbau-Blink celebrated the completion and commissioning of its new tile production plant with 65 companies from the region and from abroad as well as invited honour guests. Under the brand name GIGA-Line® cutting-edge, large-scale slabs with a size of up to 3,2 x 1,6 meters will be produced- a milestone in the company's history. The investment into the plant, which resembles the most modern tile production plant in Northern Europe, will enable Interbau-Blink to enter new markets as well as expand its product portfolio.

For the ceremony Giuseppe Bandieri (vice president of the Italian company System S.p.A.), county commissioner Achim Schwickert, Torsten Klein (project leader), mayor Michael Merz as well as the professors Hans Pralle (board of trustees member of the Uta-Korzilius-Kern foundation) und Arno Steudter (board of trustees chairman of the Uta-Korzilius-Kern foundation) visited. Conjoint, the symbolic red band in front of the new production plant's gate has been cut.

The practise of industry 4.0 makes this production technology unique. The use of autonomous machines, which move around without authroprogenic influence and make decisions by themselves, depicts the tight integration of industrial production and progressive information technology as well as communication technology. The 1,6 meters wide digital printer is the most advanced of his kind and functions similar to an inkjet printer, enabling the cooperation with italian design studios for the realisation of numerous types of designs, i. e. marble, metal and natural stone.

The guests were offered guided tours through the plant to visualize the technique and the dimensions of the first developments, large-scale slabs.

A large-scale tile travels a distance of up to half a kilometer throughout the production journey. Starting at the 440 tons heavy hydraulic press, which presses the raw material under a hundredfold of its weight to a flat panel, and forwards it to the 41 meters long dryer to remove humidity. Following, the tile receives its base glazing and its final optic in the digital printer before being fired in the 1200 degrees hot oven. After the polishing in the dry rectification plant and the final quality inspection, the tiles are fully-automatically packed and prepared for dispatch. With this future-oriented product line Interbau-Blink will continue to maintain the sustainability of its production.


The board of trustees of the Uta-Korzilius-Kern foundation, the 100% owner of the corporate group, chaired by Prof. Dr. Steudter helped to carry out the decision for this investment and supported the construction of the new production plant. The reinvestent of large parts of the obtained profits established the preconditions for the expansion and modernization as well as the sustainable developtment of the foundation assets in the form of the enterprise. The reconciliation of interests between the development of the corporate group as well as the renumeration of the social foundation goal has always been practiced.

05 JUL 2017

GIGA-Line: Plant in operation

04 JUL 2017



The highly anticipated new residential ceramics catalogue by Interbau-Blink is now available for download and can be found here (11,2MB).

On 72 pages information about the different series as well as useful additional information about the cleaning advice, installation of tiles and technical information can be found. 


29 JUN 2017



With 17.500 attendees from more than 1000 companies every year, the Münz corporate run is one of the major events of the region around Koblenz every year. Since 2003 the participation of Interbau-Blink is a must and therefore traditionally colleagues participate in the run every year with high ambitions.

On friday, the 23rd of June 2017 our this year's consisting of seven motivated men team started right in front of the stunning scenery of the Ehrenbreitstein fortress next to the German Corner in the beautiful city of Koblenz.

Amid the applause of thousands of spectators the best of our team, André Jordan (Image: Third from the left), industrial electrician, reached the respectable 79th place in the group of AK M45.

Concluding, our all-male team celebrated the successful, fifteenth participation in the Münz corporate 5km run with a joint dinner in the local cuisine.

26 MAY 2017



Northern Europe's biggest roller kiln with more than 130 meters. A hydraulic press with an incredible pressing power of 44.000 tons. A manufacturing capacity of more than 7000m² per day once the plant reaches full utilization. All of these facts concerning the new production plant, which was delivered and installed by the Italian company SYSTEM, surpass each other and portray absolute superlatives. 

Meanwhile, there are further developments in the hangar, where the new plant is located: The chimneys and fans for the flue gas flow have been installed and covered, the LGVs (Laser Guided Vehicles) and digital printer are ready for use. In the upcoming week the oven will ignite for the first time.

Within the next few weeks, press granulate will fall from the silos as granule carpet onto the production line of the extremely heavy press for the first time and the first homemade XXL-tiles of the new brand GIGA-Line are pressed. On its way to the glazing, the firing and the rectification each of these tiles will cover quite a distance of more than half a kilometer through the production hangar. Afterwards, great expertise is need to conquer the requirements in terms of packaging and logistics for products of this magnitude.

19 MAY 2017



Whereas it used to be the case in the past that wall and floor tiles were technically limited in their maximum size, new technology from all over the world allows the production of tiles in all kinds of formats and thickness. In the course of time, larger and larger tiles entered the market and were used for public buildings and private houses. The popularity of large-scale tiles is constantly rising, not least because of the numerous advantages: Different from common belief, large tiles make small rooms appear bigger. The visual expanse created by the use of large-scale tiles in combination with a color-matching joint result in a calm overall appearance.

While developing the designs of large-scale tiles with edge lenghts of 60 up to 320 cm, there are no limits for creativity. Thus, the company group Interbau-Blink is interested in evolving new series for the new brand GIGA-Line serving miscellaneous interior design trends and to serve the broad range of tile designs eventually. Wether the ubiquitous trend metallic in trendy copper-tones, minimalism created through a calm concrete look or tiles inspired by the shabby-chic style. 

The portfolio of the brand GIGA-Line is supposed to grow with time and offer tiles for every taste and interior design, including various natural stones for the interior and exteriour area which will be also available as terrace elements. First concepts grace the exhibition in the office building Interbau, where you can also find to of the first prototypes of XXL-tiles with edge lenghts of more than three meters.

19 APR 2017

Going fully to plan: New impressions


After months of thrilling preperations and hard work, the new highly-modern GIGA-Line production line is almost ready to put into operation. After the complete installation of the machines and plants has been completed, the tedious period of the first trail runs begins now.

The first ignition of the more than 130 meter long roller kiln, which has been proposed for the end of may, constitutes a further landmark on the way to new dimensions. The first designs for the large-scale ceramic tiles of the future tile range for the new brand GIGA-Line have already been created and exist as prototypes.  

05 APR 2017

MosBuild/WorldBuild Moscow 2017


The renowned MosBuild fair, which takes place in Moscow, is the biggest trade fair for the construction and interior decoration branch in Russia. More than 1.000 Russian and international companies exhibit a broad range of materials for contruction and decoration.

This year the event took place under a new name: MosBuild/WorldBuild Moscow. The fair, which took place in the Expocentre, was divided into the sectors wall design, floor coverings, bathroom fittings, saunas, pools, doors, home textiles and lighting in order to enable the optimal orientation on the largest Russian construction fair.  

As already established manufacturer in the Russian market, Interbau-Blink intended to expand its market position with the help of the repeated fair participation in order to win over new customers and to present new series. In cooperation with our partner Keralux we could successfully present our products at the official German joint stand.

28 MAR 2017

New label for new products:

Under the brand name GIGA-Line, the company group Interbau-Blink will sell highly-modern, large-scale ceramic tiles with sizes beginning at 800 x 800 mm in the near future. Using a completly new constructed tile production plant, which is supposed to go into operation at midyear, the product portfolio of Interbau-Blink will be extended with tiles of sizes up to 1600 x 3200 mm and a thickness between six and 20 mm.

From the raw material preparation until the used kiln, the newly-constructed plant is one of the most advanced tile production plant of northern Europe, not least because of the used machines. Just recently one of the most complicated project stage of the installment of the new plant could be completed successfully: The 450-tons heavy hydraulic press could be installed at its scheduled location due to the commitment of human expertise and outstanding technology. Moreover, the XXL-lettering of the hangar could be installed successfully and now promisingly protrudes above the city roofs of Ransbach-Baumbach.

Continue to follow us on our way to bigger dimensions!

10 MÄR 2017

Stage of development at factory Blink:
Installation of the new plant


During the design process and the completion of the new hangar at the factory Blink during spring 2014, the overall framework conditions for the next upcoming projects were already taken into consideration. In the sommer of 2017, the new plant was supposed to find its home in the above mentioned hangar. This plant should enable Interbau-Blink to produce large-scale tiles eventually.

Preperations for the building of the new, complex plant started already at the end of the past year. Recently, the visual appearance of the hangar's interior space as well as the outside area changes weekly. The assembly and the installation of the GEA press, the glazing line, the tunnel kiln and the sorting plant are on the strictly timed agenda as of now.

22 FEB 2017

Large-scale project
XXL - tiles

In the most recent edition of the Italian
magazine Ceramic World Review, chief
executive Michael Dickopf answers the
most appealing questions regarding the
newest advancements on the premises of Interbau-Blink on four entire pages.




Besides the common company history, interesting topics like the motives behind producing large-
scale ceramic tiles in the near future as well as
the therefore necessary innovative technology
are discussed.

The importance of the GEA press, the LGV laser guided vehicles, the 4 Phases rapid real-time packaging system as well as the products of
C.F.M. Technology are reviewed, just as the
relevant key-terms sustainability and efficiency.

The construction of the new production plant in combination with the use of highly advanced technology enables the production of panels in
sizes up to 1600 x 3200 mm.


Read more about these topics by finding the
entire interview here on the magazines website, Ceramic World Web, or download the interview
as PDF by clicking here.